GCG Members,

In 2014, ARRL and its volunteers will activate W1AW/x in each of the 50 states and the territories and possessions. W1AW without a portable designator will only be used at ARRL HQ. The goal is for the W1AW/ operations to be as active as possible during the time frame 0000Z Wednesday to 2359Z Tuesday. Basically all bands and modes may be used, and people can work the station on digital, phone, and CW on each band where such modes are allowed – this includes the WARC bands, VHF, and UHF. If you cannot operate a particular band or mode in the UHF region, say, that may be just fine. Covering the lion’s share of the options will suffice.

We hope to have each state active twice during 2014 – preferably some months apart. ARRL will offer special Worked All States Awards for QSOs made with the W1AW/ portable operations, so by staggering the state operations, people chasing the stations can travel or otherwise miss an activation and still pick-up the state during another operation. There will be incentives to work each activation, even if the state has already been worked. There will be an additional points-gathering activity that will go all year, and the W1AW/ portable stations will be worth points for this challenge also.

Each week there can be up to two W1AW/ operations from the states, and possibly one from a territory.

ARRL HQ will handle QSLing and LoTW input.

I’ll need each of you using W1AW/4 to supply me with an ADIF file at the end of the week and I’ll forward to ARRL with an ADIF file with the log from each county at the end of each operation, or at other intervals. Logging programs that support DXpedition mode are already likely able to support this operation (N1MM does)

It isn’t necessary to be on the air 24/7 for this week, and family members don’t have to be needlessly disturbed, but the more on-air time the better.

The week of December 17th thru the 23rd, 2014, I have been authorized to use W1AW/4 that entire week. I would like to make this call available to all GCG members first, to also use during that week so if you have an interest, please email me, letting me know what mode or modes you can operate. The ARRL would like for us to run CW, SSB and all Digital Modes.

In addition, I’ll be running the OK RTTY DX contest that week using W1AW/4. That same week the is the CW Ops, Croatian CW, and a couple others. I plan to open my station during that week for those that are interested, to stop by and operate casually, using the W1AW/4 call.

If you have a desire to use the W1AW/4 call sign that week next December, please advise via email and I’ll put out a final list showing who’s going to be using the call sign and proposed modes.

73’…..Fred, WW4LL