This Weeks Contests

The contest season has officially begun and there is a lot on tap for this weekend. Weather you are a CW, Phone or digital op this weekend has you covered.  There is even a little QRP contest this weekend.


This weeks Featured contest is the California QSO Party  It is a phone and CW contest and gets a lot of activity and if you do well you might even score a bottle of wine.


For complete list of contests, please check out the link the WA7BNM contest calendar on the Georgia contest Group website.  I am looking for submissions for content to the website, if you have a story or want to share some knowledge, let me know and we will get your article on the website.


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California QSO Party: 1600Z, Oct 5 to 2200Z, Oct 6


Geographic Focus:

United States/Canada state/province QSO party






CW, Phone



160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m



Single Op (QRP/Low/High)(Fixed/County Exped/Multi-County Exped/Mobile/School/YL/Youth/New-Contester)
Single Op Assisted (QRP/Low/High)(Fixed/County Exped/Multi-County Exped/Mobile/School/YL/Youth/New-Contester)
Multi-Single (QRP/Low/High)(Fixed/County Exped/Multi-County Exped/Mobile/School/YL/Youth/New-Contester)
Multi-Multi (QRP/Low/High)(Fixed/County Exped/Multi-County Exped/Mobile/School/YL/Youth/New-Contester)


Max operating hours:

24 hours for single ops with 15 minute off times
30 hours for multi-ops


Max power:

HP: >200 watts
LP: 200 watts
QRP: 5 watts



CA: Serial No. + County
non-CA: Serial No. + (state/VE area/DX)


Work stations:

Once per mode per band per county


QSO Points:

2 points per phone QSO
3 points per CW QSO



CA Stations: States, VE areas once
non-CA Stations: CA counties once


Score Calculation:

Total score = total QSO points x total mults


Submit logs by:

October 21, 2019


E-mail logs to:

(see rules, web upload preferred)


Upload log at:


Mail logs to:



Find rules at:







QCX Challenge: 1300Z-1400Z, Sep 30 and 1900Z-2000Z, Sep 30 and 0300Z-0400Z, Oct 1


IQRP Quarterly Marathon: 0800Z, Oct 1 to 2000Z, Oct 7


222 MHz Fall Sprint: 1900 local – 2300 local, Oct 1


Phone Fray: 0230Z-0300Z, Oct 2


CWops Mini-CWT Test: 1300Z-1400Z, Oct 2 and 1900Z-2000Z, Oct 2 and 0300Z-0400Z, Oct 3


UKEICC 80m Contest: 2000Z-2100Z, Oct 2


German Telegraphy Contest: 0700Z-1000Z, Oct 3


SARL 80m QSO Party: 1700Z-2000Z, Oct 3


NRAU 10m Activity Contest: 1700Z-1800Z, Oct 3 (CW) and 1800Z-1900Z, Oct 3 (SSB) and 1900Z-2000Z, Oct 3 (FM) and 2000Z-2100Z, Oct 3 (Dig)


NCCC RTTY Sprint: 0145Z-0215Z, Oct 4


TRC DX Contest: 0600Z, Oct 5 to 1800Z, Oct 6


Oceania DX Contest, Phone: 0800Z, Oct 5 to 0800Z, Oct 6


FISTS Fall Slow Speed Sprint: 1700Z-2100Z, Oct 5


SKCC QSO Party: 1800Z, Oct 5 to 1800Z, Oct 6


RSGB DX Contest: 0500Z-2300Z, Oct 6


Peanut Power QRP Sprint: 2200Z-2359Z, Oct 6