This Weeks Contests

This week the words of the week are “QSO Parties”.  We have 4 QSO Parties this week to shoes from and hand out points to hams in those states.  We get great support in the Georgia QSO party so this a  great week to give some of that support to the other states.  Pick one, two or even all four and hand out some QSO’s and make a run for an out of state plaque.


Also look at the Phone Fray on Tuesday nights.  Bryant KG5HVO regularly gets on this one, lets get out and go with him.  It is a sprint type of Contest for SSB that last ½ hour.  The more who get on the air the more fun it can be.



Phone Fray: 0230Z-0300Z, Aug 21


CWops Mini-CWT Test: 1300Z-1400Z, Aug 21 and 1900Z-2000Z, Aug 21 and 0300Z-0400Z, Aug 22


Hawaii QSO Party: 0400Z, Aug 24 to 0400Z, Aug 26


W/VE Islands QSO Party: 1200Z, Aug 24 to 0300Z, Aug 25


Kansas QSO Party: 1400Z, Aug 24 to 0200Z, Aug 25 and 1400Z-2000Z, Aug 25


Ohio QSO Party: 1600Z, Aug 24 to 0400Z, Aug 25



See ya on the Air






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