Possible Field Day Fun GCG & SECC


I have been thinking about activities we can all get involved in to generate some activity and Fred’s (WW4LL) email the other day was a good place to start. ARRL Field Day, while not a contest it is a great time to get on the air and practice our skills on operation and passing exchanges or info.

Two major changes this year which will make it more fun for everyone. The first change is the waiver that home operations (Class D) can this year work other Class D stations. In essence any one can work anyone. The second change is that for club results any class can count for the posted club scores not just Class A & F.

With these two rule changes and the current times we are all dealing with, I purpose that we all get on the air and make some noise. It would be very special we if could all get out and work several hours or even all 24 or 27 depending on your class and post our results for Georgia Contest Group.

Secondly I think we could have some fun and get some friendly competition going on with in Georgia Contest Group and maybe even SECC to see which group can get the highest club score.  I would like someone to work with me and lets create some unique targets to shoot for ie..

Highest score, Most Mults, Most Q’s, Highest single hourly rate documented by a logger, Fastest to work all Sates and VE or highest if we cant get there. More ideas might be most Qs on every band. Most CW Qs, Most Voice Qs, Most Digital Qs. I am sure there are more we can find.

Maybe we can even get a sponsor give out a couple plaques.

Please let me know if you have interest in doing this as an operator and have some fun or if you would like to help on the planning and scoring part to determine the outcomes.

I have spoken to John ( K4BAI) to see if we can get interest in both clubs

Field Day is June 27 & 28 and the rules can be found  here http://www.arrl.org/field-day

Anybody up for a friendly field day fun?


Mike (NN9DD)


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