Motion for the Election of New Officers

Greetings all fellow GCG Members,
The nomination of new officers has been completed. The names I have received for the offices are as follows:
Scott Weiss (N2WF) President Fred Dennin (WW4LL) Vice President Charlie Fox (AA4CF) Secretary / Treasurer
Pursuant to our bylaws for an unopposed slate, I am submitting a motion for casting a single vote to elect the new officers and the dissolution of the nominating committee. I need one member to second this motion.
I think they are all great and qualified candidates and look forward to their service for this upcoming contest season.
It has been both an honor and privilege to serve as President in this very interesting year we’ve all gone through. I look forward to continuing on as a member and will support all member of our club as requested.
I look forward to a second of this motion
Mike Hoing NN9DD