Georgia Contest Group Membership Info

We are very glad that you are interested in joining our Georgia Contest Group. 

We do require a minimum of 4 contest efforts per year that one must enter and post scores for GCG to maintain membership.  This will be enforced, with reasonable accommodations / extensions for unexpected life situations.  A member must submit at least 1 score for GCG out of 11 annual ARRL contests having a club competition and the 3 other contest submissions can be for any other contest.   All 4 submissions must be made in a 12 month period from July 1 to June 30 each year.  The 11 ARRL contests with a club competition are:

  • January VHF Sweepstakes
  • RTTY Roundup
  • International DX Contest – Phone and CW
  • June VHF QSO Party
  • August UHF Contest
  • September VHF QSO Party
  • November Sweepstakes – Phone and CW
  • December 160-Meter Contest
  • December 10-Meter Contest

If you will send the following info to me, I’ll get you entered onto our member roster and my email list so you’ll be sure to receive future emails.

You can Copy / Paste the following and Email it to me at

Address : 
Home Phone: 
Cell Phone: 
Accepts Texts to Cell: 
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