February QRM

February Contesting

Contesting means different things to different people and those personal interests vary from person to person, however, I have highlighted a few contests that you may be interested in this coming month.  Eric, W4DXX brought to my attention a brand new contest called the Triathlon DX Contest that looks very interesting where you run CW, SSB and RTTY.  The grand prize is unlike anything that I’ve ever seen in that you win a trip.  The Triathlon is this weekend so check it out http://triathlon-dx-contest.gr/contest/index.php/rules
This Saturday night 0000Z to 0400Z is the semi annual North American Sprint CW Contest.  20, 40, 80M.  Exchange:  both calls, #, name, SPC.  Mults count only once for the contest.   Teams are from two to ten members.   John, K4BAI is soliciting members for a South East Sprint Coalition Team/s.  Please e-mail John ASAP and he will set up a team or teams and register them before the contest starts.
Hamfests of Note:
Orlando Hamcation Hamfest is February 8th thru the 10th http://www.hamcation.com
Dalton Hamfest is February 23, 2013 and for those interested, go to W4DRC.com for more info.
Dayton Hamfest is just around the corner starting May 17th and running thru the 19th http://www.hamvention.org
GCG Web Page
Gordon, N4LR is assuming responsibility for the GCG web page and Kevin, KE4CQ will assist him with graphics.  Over the next several weeks, the website will undergo major redevelopment so we’ll try and keep you appraised as the transformation takes place.  Thanks to Jeff, KU8E for the work that he performed in the initial development and setting up the hosting.
Tornado season has arrived very early here in Georgia with Tornado Warnings out this morning.  Make sure that you do what you can to minimize potential wind damage by turning your antennas so that the wind passes thru and parallel to the elements instead of against them.  Also make sure you’ve done what you can to protect against lightning damage by disconnecting in the absence of having a proper grounding system.
Breakfast Gathering
We’re looking at having another breakfast gathering either March 16 or 23rd.  The officers have discussed having it in Albany, GA in an effort to fulfill our promise in moving it around the state for the benefit of all members.
73’….Fred, WW4LL