Annual Meeting

2019 Annual Meeting

Meeting Opened by Fred Dennin 12:15 PM June 1, 2019


WW4LL                 Fred Dennin – President

NN9DD                 Mike Hoing – Vice President

K4NV                     Dennis Arnold

N4PN                    Paul Newberry

W4BW                  Bob Wilson

W4KTR                  Keith Robinson

W5JR                     Jim Nail

WX4SKY               Scott Marlowe

WA1S                    Ann Santos

WA1F                    Robert Finkelsen

N9GQA                 John Beeson


  • These 11 Member did constitute a voting Quorum


Under Old business the following as discussed

Fred explained that the were no minutes from last year meeting and that the last recorded minutes were from 2017. He also went into detail about how the current officers were appointed as there were no other nominations


Under new business the following as discussed

How to get new member and drive involvement?

  • The question of who are we was asked?
    • There was discussion around our purpose to promote ham radios contesting and recruiting of member during contests      
    • Helping each other with our skill was  long discussion of experiences and how too. Several Member offered to help others and told of how they learned or got the speed up and that seat time is what is need.  A couple of members offered up time at there station to get people experience on big stations
      • How should we communicate and recruit
        • Other clubs
        • Emails to contest QSOs
        • Ham Fests


The Email list was discussed and NN9DD agreed to fix the mail lists and test them for accuracy


A question on Member ship requirement was asked and a motion was made to vote on the new leadership looking at a change to the bylaws regarding  number of contests. A vote was taken and it was unanimously approved to have the new officers look at this requirement for change


A motion was raised as well about sponsorship of Plaques for contests. It was widely accepted as something we should do and NN9DD will investigate what plaques are available and make suggestions about which one or ones we should do.  $60 dollars was also collected to start the funding of this endeavor.


The question of Money came up and NN9DD will e checking with Scott Wiess to confirm actual transfer of funds when we assume office in 2018


Election of New Officers

It was asked if there were any nominations as of yet for the positions and  there were not. Paul Newberry offered to be Vice President and that was flowed by a discussion from Fred about current officers moving up and that the position of Secretary Treasurer was available it was suggested that the officers go as listed below

  • Mike Hoing to President
  • Scott Wiess to Vice President
  • Paul Newberry to Secretary Treasurer


Nomination are still being accepted till the close of business (5:00 PM)on Tuesday June 4th 2019.  At that time a course of action as far as appointments and/or election will take place


A brief discussion of the Website and its direction was help to close the meeting


The meeting was closed at 1:23 PM June 1, 2019


Minutes recorded by NN9DD