A message from Scott N2WF

GCG Membership

My name is Scott Weiss N2WF and the new   President of the Georgia Contest Group.

First of all my apologies for the late intro to the group. A lot of things moving way to fast at my house  including a 45 day activation to Active Duty with the Air Force and getting ready for my parents to move in from upstate NY.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I would like to propose a few goals for the upcoming contest season

Contest, contest, and contest!!!

 The GCG is rich with seasoned operators and having a few more entries with the Club name attached would be awesome.

Fostering new (young) would be radio operators. The league has been very proactive in attracting new hams, particularly young ones. Must  keep this fabulous hobby alive and well. If you know someone with the slightest interest in the hobby get them to the shack or in a contest environment. Knowing you can talk to someone around the world is very inviting.

Boosting membership. Self explanatory.

One last thing.

Received an email from the president of the 

Swamp Fox Contest Group( which I will forward to all in this email chain ) with a proposal. A 3 club competition for  the upcoming contest season. All 3 clubs are of similar size and want to generate more contesting competition. I think it’s a great idea. Let me know what you think of the proposal.

Again stay safe and take care. 

73’s         Scott Weiss N2WF