June 14 2014 Meeting

Meeting Announcement

Lady & Gents,

Good evening and hope ya’ll are well. I just wanted to remind everyone that Ann and Bob have graciously offered up their home for our 2014 Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 14th at 12 NOON. There will be a short business meeting and then we’ll be treated by Ann with a presentation of the T33A Banaba DXpedition from last fall that she and Bob were members.

If you have any business items to put forward for discussion and/or vote, I would appreciate you letting me know ahead of the meeting. Just so you can start thinking about a couple of things before the meeting, I want to share a couple of thoughts for your input. If you have some feedback and won’t be able to attend, please let me know your thoughts via email.

1. One premise of this group was that we were going to limit our membership to contesters from the State of Georgia only. If you want to maintain that premise, that’s fine, but please give some thought about the pros and cons of expanding our membership to other neighboring states for the purpose of recruiting additional active contesters.

2. We have to talk about an amendment to the by-laws to address members that don’t the minimum number of contests annually. The question for discussion would be, should there be a waiting period before allowing them to reapply or just let them continue their membership with additional contest contribution requirements in a shorter timeframe.

Those are the two items that immediately come to mind so if you have any others, please let me know and I look forward to seeing you at Ann and Bobs.

73’….Fred, WW4LL